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My Starting Point


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    My Starting Point

    I think my interest in this hobby (not sure what name you would call it ) took off when i had my first digital camera, which was a small (under 1megapixel) thing, but cost then about the £100 mark (which is all my subsequent camera's have cost :pleased:up to the 8mp one i have now). I took some great images with it, but the quality is bad to say the least and i am always going to try and do something with them , but haven't got round to it so far ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I was then using Paint Shop Pro, i think i started with version 5 which was being given away free on a magazine, I then continued on up to version 8 which i still have around somewhere but alas unused for a few years now.
    I not only changed camera's but also the software i now use ps7 and I am not in a hurry to upgrade just yet, as i am still learning things all the time on it.
    The same goes with my camera after a good hard think i decided to stick with my little camera's and being a happy snapper, occasionaly i think i would like a better one but then the cost and all the extra learning i would have to do has put me off for a while
    Included here is probably my most favorite image took with that first digital camera

    • palms
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      that is my grandson who is now 6 and the important 1/2
      and thank you for the kind comments,
      Oddly enough i sort of bi passed the restoration side,I have done a bit but i really don't have the patience for it, and I am in awe of those that do


    • Janet Petty
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      Oddly enough, I hadn't taken much more than snapshots of the kids for twenty years when our family was given one of the very first digital cameras. As you say, the quality of the camera wasn't the best. And the shutter lag was abysmal. But for me, it was a jumping off point. By this time, the kids were nearly grown and I was looking for something new. Enter the current cameras and lenses. I've never looked back.

      But that is putting the cart before the horse, sort of. My son did some computer work for someone else and got paid with a photo editing program. He didn't want it and gave it to me. WOW, what a world that opened for me. I had literally thousands of genealogy photos and such. badly in need of restoration. I was well into the photo editing before the camera/photography bug bit me again.

      Photo art came much later. I've taken inspiration from everyone here and enjoyed the learning process more than I can say. The AHB took a long time for me to learn; and smudge painting is taking even longer. Your technique is great. Your sharing of that technique is generous and kind. Keep being an inspirational teacher. Your love of what you are doing shows. Thank you for sharing.

    • palms
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      Thank you Janet for providing not only some great photo's to work with but words of encouragement
      oh stick at the smudging you will get there with practice :grin:

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