I think my interest in this hobby (not sure what name you would call it ) took off when i had my first digital camera, which was a small (under 1megapixel) thing, but cost then about the £100 mark (which is all my subsequent camera's have cost :pleased:up to the 8mp one i have now). I took some great images with it, but the quality is bad to say the least and i am always going to try and do something with them , but haven't got round to it so far ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I was then using Paint Shop Pro, i think i started with version 5 which was being given away free on a magazine, I then continued on up to version 8 which i still have around somewhere but alas unused for a few years now.
I not only changed camera's but also the software i now use ps7 and I am not in a hurry to upgrade just yet, as i am still learning things all the time on it.
The same goes with my camera after a good hard think i decided to stick with my little camera's and being a happy snapper, occasionaly i think i would like a better one but then the cost and all the extra learning i would have to do has put me off for a while
Included here is probably my most favorite image took with that first digital camera