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carrying on (part 2)


  • palms
    started a blog post carrying on (part 2)

    carrying on (part 2)

    Well I have now got a better camera for those who wish to know it is a fuji finepix s5800 and has come in at my usual budget of not paying more than £100 for a camera
    This has come about as over at least the last 3 months i have been experimenting more and more with my camera and learning more along the lines of what to do ! plus i always wanted to zoom in more on things and now have more capacity to do so
    I could give a lot more reasons to justify my purchase but it is done now :grin:
    Straight away i have come against some differences like instead of having a wrist strap to hold the camera i now have a necklace :) and boy does that feel strange and it gets in the way if i turn the camera to portrait, added to that there is a lens cover flapping around as well both quite distracting but i suppose i will get used to them eventually
    another thing is in stead of having my finger over the lens it now goes over the pop up flash, and all this is before i take any photo's ( note there i didnt say snaps this is going to be my thinking camera and trying to get it right camera. Thats why i am keeping my old one for the snapping that is )

    As i have said i have just taken a few snaps so far here are the first few trying out things

    zoom, text, flower, and macro .

    well back to the manual now and watching some videos CJ has recommended


    • Canna W
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      Reading this is making me feel soooo guilty! I ought to go back to my manual too. I am so lazy about photography. If expanded one quarter as much energy on photography as I do on photoshopping I'd be one heep of a better image maker. I feel about as creative at the moment as a J-cloth :-(
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