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  • palms
    started a blog post Textures


    over the past week i have been messing around making some textures and here are a few

    If you wish to use them in conjunction with the texturizer filter you will need to save them as psd's

    and dont forget you can also colourize them using the hue/saturation filter for a different look

    have fun


    • palms
      palms commented
      Editing a comment
      The second texture does work quite well and just goes to show you what a photo of some grass will do

    • Nasturtium
      Nasturtium commented
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      Thanks that second one is nice. Do you have some 'scratches' or do you just use the pencil?

    • palms
      palms commented
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      Nasturtium i just got the camera out and took some photo's the second one is grass, the first one is a texture painted wall , and i have forgotten what the third one was
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