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    My first

    non "Auto " photo's


    As i have said before in a previous blog i was going to try and not be a happy snapper so much, and try to get to better grips with my camera, well during then and now i have tried unsuccessfully, every now and then tried different things that i had read with very little results

    Then i asked someone for any tips they had on photographing red flowers and they very kindly answered not only with some tips but some explanations to boot, well i have studied the notes and then tried a couple of things and bingo a light went on (not very brightly at the moment but on all the same )
    now i know it has only been a very small step, and there is lots and lots more to learn, but at the moment i am really happy and will be practising some more with what i have learnt over the last two days,

    And just to prove i haven't gone to far i have forgotten the settings on the camera already ! ! !

    I was in A (aperture) mode, used the exposure compensation button, then altered the f stop both up and down so that i could see the difference that i got from doing such a action

    I know the subject is not very inspiring but it was what was in front of me in the garden where i was "studying" although i did change the pot for my coffee cup :grin: drip included

    • palms
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      Hi CJ nice to see you are around still,

      I totally agree with you to keep on practising what you have learnt so that hopefully it sticks in your mind and becomes second nature to you

      And it is great to finally think i might be getting somewhere :grin:


    • Nasturtium
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      I keep meaning to try some non-auto pictures but then I think about memorizing a DOF chart and my eyes glaze over. Good for you!

    • palms
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      Hi Nasturtium
      I know what you mean that is why i am taking it slowly, and to keep trying to replicate what i have learnt, and it is worth it before i take a non auto photo i take a auto photo so that i can compare shots and the non auto ones are better (well i think so ) :grin:
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