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Another new camera lol


  • palms
    started a blog post Another new camera lol

    Another new camera lol

    Yes i have got another new camera ( a rare opportunity arose so i treated myself)
    I have stuck with the fuji finepix but got a newer model
    a S1800
    the main attraction was bigger zoom this one is 18x,
    but along with this came a extra 4 million mega pixels, face detection, smile detection, blink detection,auto zoom, and ability to take panorama's, so what i thought would be a easy transition is another new learning curve !
    these are some i have taken so far to try out things
    due to having no flowers :blush: peeps is the main model :grin:
    the plane is one bringing in the wounded soldiers from Afghanistan, although i was a bit slow taking this one as i had lost the zoom ! !

    one down side is the manual it is on a disc so i have to keep going to the pc to find any info i want out !
    well back to practising the grandkids will be here soon and can practice the smile detection out :grin:

    • palms
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      forgot to add that these are all straight out of camera, cant have too much fun at once ! ! ! !

      plus i have to really compress them now to post them

    • Nasturtium
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      fun stuff! We went to a photography fair yesterday and the innovations keep coming fast and furious! Looking forward to pix of the grandkids. Take lots! Cuz we enjoy seeing them.
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