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  • palms
    started a blog post Pano's


    Now this feature i have fell in love with already and it wasnt a consideration for the camera ! all done in camera and really quite easy
    except i messed up on the winter one, my fence isnt that skewy! funny thing though i thought i had messed up the second stitch part ! but i thought i would still include it so that you can see what a difference 18 hours makes to out weather

    • amica999
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      Ain't it fun? Congrats on your new toy! I've been holding back for quite some time to get that Canon, because I didn't want to carry too much stuff around :-) But know that I use it, it's so much more fun and possibilities :-)

      And sometimes - not very often, though - I get some nice shots. Need to practise a lot more

    • Frank Lopes
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      Keep shooting and keep panning!

    • palms
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      had a couple more tries, and really enjoying it, trying all different things not just landscapes :)

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