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under water bubbles brush ps


  • palms
    started a blog post under water bubbles brush ps

    under water bubbles brush ps

    made these yesterday with inspiration from this tutorial


    maybe someone else will like them


    • Janet Petty
      Janet Petty commented
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      Way cool bubbles. Now if I can find something fun to use them on. Thanks for the effort.

    • Freebird11
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      An important note: Because the brushes are essentially grayscale, and have no color 'built in' so to speak, these brushes are really only half the work for you. To achieve the effects shown colored bubbles, try the following:

      Having a transparent layer, and use the color black, draw a bubble in it. Then in a separate layer transparent in the same place, begin using one of the default brushes to create large patches of bright colors. Be random! Red, yellow, purple, blue, green, yellow, shoot everything!

      Then, when the whole area is covered with random spots in the form, use a Gaussian blur strong enough to mix the colors in a large cloud, so that no clear boundaries are visible, but the colors remain permanently separated. I think a radio in the region of 30 pixels works well.

      Once done, change the style of the layer of color coat. You can experiment with different configurations, but two that work well are almost always' Burn color "and" superposition. "

      This is just one way to achieve color effects more realistic to use these brushes bubble. The two large bubbles, medium shown above in my examples were created with this technique.
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