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flower brushes


  • palms
    started a blog post flower brushes

    flower brushes

    These are brushes that i made and used on the attached image

    maybe they will be useful for others to use

    made in cs2


    • Freebird11
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      The rounded (curved) edge of the wave hazel is best for a variety of flowers. This style works especially well for geraniums, lilies, Hydrangea, Sweet William, Phlox, Allium, Delphinium, and any other flowers that are grouped in small flowers.

      Fill the area with a base color, but paint solid. Each flower is a set of 3.4 or 5 pedals pressed. Allow the brush to create the pedal by pressing on the surface. Try to maintain contact with the pedals in the middle, but it is too long and thin, if too wide apart.

      To create a single flower, each set of pedals for at least two shades of color. White, combined with one of the two original colors, is used as a great light to create more of a color difference.

      Start by clicking on a color of the flowers randomly around the surface of the base paint. Before the paint has dried, select a color and press randomly over the surface of fillers in the overlap and other flowers. At the end, determine whether lighter or darker colors are needed and press whatever you prefer. If the colors are very close, touching his brush in a complementary color, very light and press randomly over the solid surface to break the flowers looking for. Use a darker color or shade of relief if needed to achieve a proper effect.

      [URL=""]faux boxwood[/URL]

    • CathyH
      CathyH commented
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      Thanks Palms, they are lovely.

    • Llucky1101
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      Really awesome work; it's simply beautiful!!!
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