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In for a penny ,In for a pound!!!!


  • patriciakay
    started a blog post In for a penny ,In for a pound!!!!

    In for a penny ,In for a pound!!!!

    This is the first blog i have ever written and really its just to say how good it is to be back in the forum...maybe not as often as i would like...BUT....after just having the time to lurk over the past 5 months...its a vast improvement!!!

    Nice to see all the(now i have to be careful how i say this as i can easily get myself in trouble!!!) Regulars ...Better than saying old faces(as that could be taken the wrong way).....Also i see lots of new members and a big welcome to all those!!!

    Up early in the morning 6.30 for my workout at the Coffee Shop....Its realy busy so it feels like i have done 5 hours of Aerobics.....

    So i will have to say goodnight....


    • Doug Nelson
      Doug Nelson commented
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      Are you calling us fat?

      Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

    • patriciakay
      patriciakay commented
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      Palms....I over slept by an hour the next was late.....and you see how innocent my writing in my blog was.....I am now in trouble with the big guy( Doug i never even mentioned the F word).......
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