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My first blog here


  • ScubaMargie
    started a blog post My first blog here

    My first blog here

    Hi all,

    I am not new to blogging, but I am not an expert either. It looks like a simple system and I think it is a good idea to have this sort of thing on the site, it helps increase traffic.

    Anyway, I'm not sure exactly what I am going to put here. It will probably be a combination of photography and photshop stuff. I'm no expert at either of them either , but with practice I know I can become better.

    A bit about me.
    My name is Margie and I live in Tasmania. I have been using photoshop for a couple of years now and enjoy it very much. Retouch Pro was one of the first sites that I joined when I first started using photoshop. I'm glad I did because there are some really helpful people here. I have learnt heaps and continue to learn more every time I come here. Thanks everyone for all your help.

    I love getting involved with the contests. They are always challenging.

    Photography has been a hobby for me for years and I enjoy doing that as well. I would like to become a pro eventually.

    I love the combination of photography and photoshop. I can sit all day and work on an image and sometimes be very pleasantly surprised at the outcome and at other times be frustrated as hell by the result not working the way I want it too.

    I think I have found my calling in life!

    That's about it for now. Will be back soon for another entry.

    • Doug Nelson
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      Dare we hope for an underwater photography blog?

    • ScubaMargie
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      I can share with everyone photos that I have taken and how I did them, again I'm no expert at that either.
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