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new dude in the blog department!


  • superkoax
    started a blog post new dude in the blog department!

    new dude in the blog department!

    ok, to start out fresh to all the 3 readers(that includes my mom) I just want to say: "hello!"

    This is my first blog ever, so why not do it here on where I spend all my hours, right?

    I have learned a lot about retouching here. I can not express how much I appreciate this site! My shouts goes out to Ant, for his honest words, good advice and also fun reading. To Chris Tarantino for his educational replies. Always helpful. Edgework, you give alot of good advice!

    I try everyday to better myself, training and training. I stopped retouching others for a bit now and try to retouch my own photographies and I must admit that my camera skills is what I need to approve.

    So this will be my photo-blog as well...

    Well, for now, this is what you can read...More to come!

    Stay cool, retouching dudes!

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