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Computer problems: spyware mainly


  • unimatrix001
    started a blog post Computer problems: spyware mainly

    Computer problems: spyware mainly

    I have been rather busy lately removing several spyware programs from computers. These people that i remove the spyware and viruses for, always ask me how they got it and if they can prevent it. I find it very hard to give them an answer they are happy with. Usually the first thing they say is i don't go to porn sites and i have up to date virus programs why do i still get these things. I then try to explain to them that most of these are (drive by downloads) you don't have to do anything to get them just go by a site which has been used as a repository for them through ads, banners, pop up windows and pop under windows you are susceptible to these programs. Many of them will install themselves no matter what you do, click NO, YES, and lately even the red X to close the window. It has taken me along time and many hours of surfing the net to figure out how to remove most of these programs. Here are a few of the things i have learned. When checking the net for info on a particular program you will come up with many different ways to remove it.
    Many will give you registry keys and file folders that are created by the program, but in my experience I have found that these are not always the same on every computer.
    Many of the programs like ANTIVIRUSGT (which i had to remove today) will not let you get to any of the places they tell you to go. It blocks access to these areas by taking over all admin rights to your computer. I have found that MALWAREBYTES is a very good program to use and its free, if the spyware will let you install it. I did find out today with a vista machine which would not let me go to any of the areas like task manager, the registry, control panel, and would not let me run and executable file at all can be over come. Now for the details on how to install the malwarebytes program which can be downloaded from here

    After you have downloaded the program, (if you were able to save it to your harddisk) write down the path to where it was saved. Reboot you computer in safemode with command prompt. When the command prompt comes up type in the path, IE cd c:\you path\
    press enter, next type (in this example) mbam-setup-1.46.exe press enter and the program will install. follow the on screen instructions when finished it will ask you to update and run. Because you are in safe mode without network support you can not update the program. Just run the program, perform a quick scan and it should find the spyware and list it so it can be removed. When the scan is finished press the show results button and press remove selected. It will then ask you to reboot so it can remove the rest of the items from memory. After reboot run the program again updating the definitions and then run a full scan. Depending on your computer it could take a while but it will remove all traces of the spyware. Then update and run your anitvirus and you should be set to go.
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