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Looking for retouchers in USA, Canada and UK

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  • Looking for retouchers in USA, Canada and UK


    I'm looking for retouchers in Canada USA and UK. Work is seasonal and variable, both in content and quantity but is mostly weddings (therefore high volumes with less focus on detail like skin blemishes etc.) Mostly the work involves the correction of color and density of the image, cropping to a predetermined size, eye-opening and removal of occasional objects. Various types of other work (portraits, commercial, make-overs, remedial, etc) are needed from time to time, but the volumes are on wedding images. Please note, we are not looking at high-end commercial work here (or the associated hourly rates), this is large volume, bread and butter work – neither is it full-time. We already commission a number of retouchers, but as business increases we will need more. Right now we are definitely looking to find someone in Canada but if you’re in the US or UK, and you’re interested, contact me anyway and I’ll keep your details on file.

    If anyone is interested please e-mail me ([email protected]) the following

    Location (country is quite sufficient for now)
    Hourly rate
    Link to a web with example images

    Many thanks.

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    I've had a number of replies from the USA, South America and one from the UK. Unfortunately, I've still had no response from anyone in Canada.

    If there is anyone in Canada that's "thinking" about responding, then please do so - I really would like to hear from you.

    In the meantime, thank you to those that have responded. I've replied to all the reponses I've received so far, I think. If I've missed anyone, then please let me know !!!

    If anyone else is interested please feel free to respond.

    Thank you again to those that have responded.


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      Rushed off my feet ... so could be a day or two before

      Hi guys.

      For those of you that have sent me an e-mail over the last couple of days, I've been absolutely rushed off my feet.

      I do apologise, I'm not ignoring you, and I will get back to you, but it may be mid week before I come up for air. Please bear with me and I'll respond as soon as I get through this rush.

      Had one response from Canada so far, could always do with more.



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        Touch of Glamour

        I would like to invite you to review our websites with examples of glamour/pageant/model photo retouching work ( and We are based in California, USA. Average retouching rate -$35/per photo (depends on complexity and volume).
        Feel free to contact me with your questions.

        Boris Kobrin
        [email protected]


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          I'm in Canada

          I do lots of retouching/photo manipulation for my own art.
          You can visit my website at:

          Let me know if you would be interested in my services.
          [email protected]


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            Canadian retoucher

            I'm a freelance Canadian retoucher who has just recently expanded my business to accomodate this sort of work. For the past 8 years I have worked exclusively on high-end advertising and editorial beauty and fashion retouching, digital processing and image correction for all the top Canadian magazine and photographers. With the expansion of my business I am now taking on this sort of work as well.

            My full-service studio (from processing to print) is located in Toronto and you can visit my potfolio on line at or contact me via email at [email protected]


            Julia Francisco


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