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    A colleagues website. Check it out, show to friends and family. Let me know what you think so I can pass on the message.

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    Your asking for people to show their family and friends, but your on a forum where most people do this too, now i looked at your website, i got a few questions for you.

    When you offer the retouch for £30 are you offering it to be sent to the email and thats it, no printing is done by you?

    Is so then i think your expensive for a photo to picture sent to an email only. I offer this to be sent via cd, aswell as the email, this is better insurance for your business, as this stops the deleting of the email. I also offer printing service, and i do this service but i am less expensive than you are, and they get a cd sent to their homes wherever in the world they are.

    Now this is not a particular question but just an outlook on your website, to me its alittle too plain, its a good idea the mouseovers i like them very much, but you do not offer information "About me" i like to read about the person who is into this business, for instance, what qualifications, if only life experiences i like to know how long they have been using photoshop etc, so my question to you, is,

    Do you plan to add a "About me or About us" page?

    Good luck with your business, i hope you get alot of work.

    Have you considered joining forums and groups online to get yourself promoted? Also try sites that are say baby sites, cos parents love to have their babies pictures done, even sites that love their animals, they too love their pictures done.

    Ok well good luck

    Ella xxx


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      hey thanks for responding.

      First off it wasnt a sales pitch I just wanted as much people to have an input thats all.

      Second its a colleagues website, although I did help design and build it.

      Expense is in the eye of the beholder, and for the work and time £30 isnt that expensive imo. What do you charge? I dont think a cd is necessary, it just adds up on costs and time. If the client did delete the email for some reason then another could be sent no problem! Its not like the file vanishes once its been sent

      Also a little plain is your opinion. I prefer to call it slick and simple. No fuss, easy to navigate. Why do you think google is the number 1 search engine?


      An about page could be added I guess...there is a bit more info via a link on the order page though.

      I checked your site out, and if I may point a few things out.

      In my opinion it looks a bit old fashioned, a bit arkward to navigate and no about page or info on prices I could find.

      ALthough the picture menu system does look good, it is impossible to know what you are linking to without trial and error. Then there is the fact that most of the pages are empty....maybe that is just me?

      Well I hope that helps,
      take care!


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        About the "about":

        I did think about an about-page (lot of abouts here), but dropped the idea for marketing reasons.

        It starts with the photo: Maybe something very decent, it gives a customer the feeling of safety and trust. But do you think about an artist looking at a man with suit and tie? Sure not. On the other hand, a photo like beethoven with fuzzy hair and so on might make me look unreliable and stuff, so what do I do?

        Also description, you can do very bad things with words, so I considered it best to let people look at my work and then decide to know more and call.



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          Arrrh thats not my website, thats a very old homepage with my isp LOL!

          My website is alot nicer and better than the homepage!



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            like it


            I like the website. I like the relaxing background color, and I like the cute pic on the home page. However, I would like to see the top banner centered over the photo, and the bottom box links centered below the photo. Also the second line of text is kind of long and makes it look a little imbalanced. I thought it might be my browser (Firefox) but it looked the same in IE. But I like the sample pages, the pics are nice and big and clear and the rollovers work great. Would be nice to see more about the owner and where they are, etc., just so you feel like your working with a real person. also, maybe a border around the banner or something? It is a little plain, although simple can work sometimes.

            Overall, I really like it!


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