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    If you are a RetouchPro and interested in handling some of our work, send me a note at [email protected]

    Our standards are high, requiring artistic talent, photo history knowledge and skills above the ordinary. We cannot send originals, however, I can provide 4x5 negatives of the originals along with work prints, or if you prefer, scans to CD's (according to your specs.). The finished retouched work can be returned on CD's but I would prefer high quality film recorder images on 4x5 negs for traditional lab printing to fiber based materials.

    Please provide enough details in your initial inquiry to make it clear that your qualifications are sufficient to meet our needs. My interest is in final results not the software used. If you have questions about scan requirements, work prints, film recorders, traditional printing, etc., sorry about that, this is not an ad for you!

    Jim Conway
    Timemark Photo Conservators

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    I can offer a great big thumbs up for the want ads - if you need anything (or anyone) post it here!

    I've found the people I'm looking for - (at least until I get into the next major collection that goes through a fire or flood) and as long as I can't figure out how to delete the ad, I guess I'll just let it run as a testimonial to Doug's RetouchPro advertising effectiveness!

    My sincere thanks to all who have applied!

    Jim Conway


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      I'm pleased it worked out.

      Good luck to you and your new hires.
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