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    Like most people, I find my time limited so I'm constantly searching for faster, easier ways of getting things done. Frustration with available photo restoration techniques and tools, motivated me to develop a few corrective filters that would work better and faster and help maximize my time. I've used these plug-in filters on a fair number of challenges and I've found them to be so useful, I'd like to offer them to fellow RetouchPRO members.

    While developing these filters I discovered how to control the effective range (making them more accurate), so I decided to market them collectively as "AcuFilters". There are six separate filters -- AcuBlur, AcuBoost, AcuClean, AcuMask, AcuNoise and AcuSharp. All AcuFilters were specifically designed for anyone engaged in repairing, restoring or enhancing photo images, (Beginner, Intermediate, Hobbyist, Professional), so they are generally low impact and target specific.

    To find out more, please visit the extensive AcuFilter home page at for full description, examples and tutorials, and then download the fully functional "Demo" version for a free trial.

    AcuFilters will work in any (PC) Adobe Photoshop 4.0 plug-in compatible program (Photoshop, Photo Paint, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, etc). AcuFilters do not make any changes to your operating system, so if you're not sure how they will work in your graphic application, download the free "Demo" version and give it a try.


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