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  • Looking for a Retoucher

    Are you one of those retouchers capable of doing those high end Hollywood and Fashion transformations but nobody knows it yet?

    Well I can be a client with that kind of need. I am a professional photographer specializing in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. However I do work in other areas as well and I am very busy. Much too busy anymore to be doing a lot of PhotoShop work that can best be done by others.

    So if you are interested in taking on some assignments or maybe even in some steady work, please get back to me.

    I would prefer someone nearby (Palm Springs CA) but I reliaze that might not be likely. Please don't just give me a link to your website, tell me something about you.


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    Re: Looking for a Retoucher


    I'd love to speak more with you about this. I have done retouching for a number of years, in addition to other graphic and web design work, but haven't yet made the jump to a full-time professional situation due to financial concerns of starting a career all over again.

    I've worked with a number of private clients, and actually many of them are fitness model professionals. Some of my work has been used in national publications including fitness publications. One of my friends is with Silver Models Management and I've done many pictures for him privately as well as other models and actors.

    I'm very comfortable with general color management as well as beauty retouching and other special effect work.

    Perhaps I could send you some before/after shots or even rework a few of your pictures on spec. I'm based in New York City but would have no problem working remotely. Please contact me at [email protected] so I can post information to you off-line.



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      Re: Looking for a Retoucher

      Sir / Madam,

      I am an experienced photo-retouching artist from India. I have more than 6 years experience on this field, I also handled 4 outsourcing projects. I am interested to do Freelance (Glamour Photo) Retouching & Restoration and editing work, through internet, for the great photographers like you, in this regard I am mailing you.
      I am quite confident about my work skills, if you are interested please contact me in my email address, I will send you my work samples and resume. I will be obliged if you give me a scope to prove myself in front of you. Hope you will reply me soon.

      here is my email address: [email protected]

      please mail me along with your email address so that i can send my work samples and resume to you.

      Rajib Mondal
      Kolkata (India)


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        Re: Looking for a Retoucher

        hi Ian lots of nice photos. may i make a suggestion,I think you should regroup them and also maybe edit some out as you have a lot of the same stuff
        just a suggestion do not mean to offend

        best regards zganie


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          Are You Looking for a Retoucher

          Hi my name is Geoff I am from the UK just out side of Bath, I have been working on photos for a number of years now. I also have a website showing off some of my work. I am very interested in working with you so please have a look at my website and feel free to tell me what you think.

          My website is;
          My email is; [email protected]

          So have a look and I will be looking forward to hear from you
          I have also attached three before and after files for you to look at.

          Yours sincerely

          Geoff Beck.
          Attached Files
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            Re: Looking for a Retoucher

            Hi there! this post may be a little late but I thought I would sneak myself in. I am a retoucher based in Canada though I do much of my work remotely and have access to FTP programs and such. I have a strong background in body and beauty retouching and that is what I prefer to do so I think I would work well in the fields you have described. I am also open to the artist's interpretation of what the picture should look like and take direction well in that respect. Some examples of my work can be seen at



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              Re: Looking for a Retoucher

              Please take a look at my website: In gallery you'll find samples of my work. If you like them please contact me: [email protected].
              Best regards


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                Re: Looking for a Retoucher

                Hi, I have being a pro retoucher for over 10 years, good at creating amazing skin texture and adjusting good complexion. Most of my cases were for advertisement companies. In this year, I also retouch for fashion photographers. My clients are not only in Asia, also in NY, Geneva. Deeply hope I can have a free chance to retouch for your work for a test. My portfolios are here


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                  Re: Looking for a Retoucher

                  Just Saw This Post.

                  I Have Done Countless Digital "makeovers" For Clients Like Maybelline, Vanity Fair, Fendi, Polo/ralph Loren, Liz Clairborne...get Back To Me If You're Still Looking.



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                    Re: Looking for a Retoucher

                    Hi there, I live in NY so a little far away, but not with the great internet! just a

                    This would be the best opportunity for me. I just found this site today and I'm so excited. So a little about me:

                    5 years experience in Graphic Design
                    A+ Photoshop knowledge *pat pat on the back*
                    well anyway also I have been involved as a model that fixes hers and others work for 4 years.
                    I am reliable
                    and not a drone....hehesnortsnort
                    creative and always learning

                    so give me a try please
                    [email protected]


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                      Re: Looking for a Retoucher


                      I'm a retoucher in Southern California with extensive movie advertising experience. I'm available to work through my ftp site. Please email me for resume and samples. Thanks!



                      [email protected]


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                        Re: Looking for a Retoucher

                        I represent an image editing studio base on China. I'm taking this opportunity to communicate with you to see if we have any chance to cooperate on business. Having substantive artists with professional image processing expertises, we are providing cost-effective solutions for image masking, color changing/beautifying, image re-touching, back ground cleaning & cloning, sharpening & restoration of color and ect with the excellent qualities and prices. We are fully conversant in industry-standard professional Photoshop post-production methods and advanced concepts such as pixel-perfect retouching, masking through color difference matting, alpha channels, masking with bezier paths, top-notch file organization with properly-named layers and layer sets, displacement mapping, advanced color correction and channel operations.

                        In the past 3 years, we have been servicing many companies for their online production catalogs/galleries. We are looking for a long-term relationship in the image editing area, and will be glad to provide services for you.

                        I look forward to hearing your feedback and coordinate with you at your earliest convenient.

                        Thanks & Best regards,
                        Jerry Zou
                        MSN:[email protected]


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                          Re: Looking for a Retoucher

                          You are welcome to review our glamour photo retouching gallery at We will be happy to help with all your retouching needs.

                          Touch of Glamour
                          [email protected]


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                            Paint Your Life - make Your photo beauty

                            Retouch Your photos from $1.95, decorate photos - from $2.95!
                            Hand works!
                            You can see our gallery: Paint Your Life gallery


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                              Re: Looking for a Retoucher

                              Respected sir,
                              Good Wishes and warm greeting.

                              We are from India doing Photoshop works for the past 6 years. We are well expert in Restoration of old photos, photo colorizing, photo montage, background change, object or person elimination etc..

                              Kindly requesting you to give an opportunity to work online with your company .

                              Please visit our website
                              It reflects our image and growth in this field.


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