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FS: top4 retouch books- varis,versace,grecco,margu

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  • FS: top4 retouch books- varis,versace,grecco,margu

    hello, below is a copy-n-paste from an ad i did on craigslist for them as seen here with photo-
    and if you want to check my credentials on ebay i am username 1terranaut there with a 124/0 rating. i thought id post them here since they are familiar books for retouchers who are looking for the top 4 books, i read them and never used the cds they came with. if youre interested i can accept paypal or check or im in south florida if you want to pick them up, thanks
    gary greenwald

    BEST of PHOTO & PHOTOSHOP BOOKS over $300 worth
    This includes the following books, all some of the most highly recommended for anyone doing digital photography and working within photoshop. 3 of them come with CDs that are still sealed. Upon reading hundreds of forums and threads for the current best books in photoshop and photography, these 4 constantly popped up, so I bought them in March 07 and read them once each, except for the Margulis book which I had to read 3 times to absorb it all. They cost me a total of $185(retail) but I got 10% off and no tax so my cost was $168.

    1. Skin by Varis, retail $40, great condition
    2. Welcome to Oz by Versace, retail $45, in good condition
    3. Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait by Grecco, retail $30, in great condition
    4. Professional Photoshop by Dan Margulis, retail $60, in used condition (looks read)

    Here are links to the books-

    - sandisk rescuepro 3.0 on cd with serial, unused
    - microsoft streets and trips 2007 cdrom original
    - various computer cables, including usb, network, phone, coaxial, sata drives, s-video, dvi-to-vga adapter, various internal power cables and voltage reducers for fans, a sandisk multiple memorycard carrying case, and whatever else i have in a drawer of unused items, over $75 of cables you may or may not use. Im just adding these extras because I need to get rid of them.

    The books came to $168 and I will add over $75 worth of cables and adapters, plus the software. All for $100, nore more, no less. I am in downtown WPB, and you can email for questions or to schedule a time to come pick this setup up. Thanks for looking, if you are far away, I could accept paypal for the cost plus shipping/paypal-surcharge of 8%.

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