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  • Looking for Creative Retoucher to collaborate


    My name is Dennison Bertram and I am a fashion and beauty photographer in the Czech Republic. I shoot for magazines here like Elle and Marie Claire and Maxim. I am looking for some one with a similar skill level who is interested in collaborating on creative retouching projects (for the moment, to improve our portfolios). I do advertising work, but it is only beauty based Ad work (I don't have the creative retouch type portfolio yet for other types) so there is a really good chance to work together also on commercial jobs in the future.

    By creative retouching - I mean a wide variety of retouching/photoshop skills, compositing, layers, matte painting even CGI. I'm looking for someone who believes they are at the level of producing fancy, computer assisted ad work - but haven't gotten the chance to work with the material they need to do it. Maybe you are into matte painting and would be interested in doing some fashion editorials together (and having them published), or you can render cars nicely and would like to combine that with live people or conceptual situations, anything like this is a plus.

    If this sounds like you- and you like what I do (
    Please get in touch and lets talk about what we could do together!

    [email protected]

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    Re: Looking for Creative Retoucher to collaborate

    hello !
    perhaps it's too late !? don't know... but why not trying..
    you can see some of my retouching jobs on MM :

    and some before after here :

    i would love to collaborate...!
    thanks! Moïse Parienti
    email : [email protected]


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      Re: Looking for Creative Retoucher to collaborate

      Thank you Pirates, I enjoyed looking through your work.

      At the moment though I am looking for someone who is also fluent with skills such as CGI, Rendering, Matte Painting and other advanced composition and retouching skills.

      Thank you,


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        Re: Looking for Creative Retoucher to collaborate

        Beautiful work Dennis.... I enjoyed looking through your work!


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          Re: Looking for Creative Retoucher to collaborate

          Hi Dennison

          We are looking exactly for the same type of collaboration. We are just moved to our new small studio on Vinohrady, Prague. At the moment building a web and preparing a presentation for photographers. If you are interested, we can meet or we can send you a short presentation. We have worked for photographers such as Nikola Tacevski, Matus Toth, Milos Nesic... Both of us have art academy degree.

          jakub and srdjan
          [email protected]


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