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  • yantram
    started a topic Printing Company,Creative-Design

    Printing Company,Creative-Design

    Online Graphics Design Studio require master effort in the creative world of Print Design. Creative Designs are created in different styles in different formats like digital image, animation, and Motion picture. Online Graphic Design can be considered as putting your effort in creating & designing them to make them as professional portfolio which can represent the over all topic.

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  • foxa71
    Printing Companies Online?
    by foxa71
    Know any really good printing companies online that I can work with that print a large range of product types like actual prints, biz cards, magnets, car magnets, forms, everything. I would like to go somewhere someone recommends because they like the service they get.
    04-28-2006, 09:54 AM
  • Michelle K
    Printing a square photo
    by Michelle K
    Hi Everyone,

    Many of the photos I have to retouch are square. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to solve my printing problems after the restoration is completed.

    Online printing companies do not print square photos and resizing to a 5x7 will crop people and objects...
    08-19-2007, 06:52 AM
  • Limepickle
    Printing Solution
    by Limepickle
    I need to supply customers with the option of 6x4 6x8 8x10 standard sized photo prints, and I wish to get a third party to do the printing. Does anyone know of any decent online photo printing services in the UK, that have a fast turnaround time? It will be one-off low quantity ( but high quality! )...
    10-24-2005, 06:00 AM
  • jasmine2000
    How do I start the basics of printing ?
    by jasmine2000

    I am starting my way of being a graphic designer and i would like to ask about the
    process of having a good design ready for print without color mistakes or bleeds or those mistakes
    that a graphic designer should be aware of

    so, where can i find videos...
    11-22-2015, 04:19 AM
  • xaar128
    Xaar, Spectra, Konica Minolta print heads
    by xaar128
    We are suppliers of new original Xaar print heads, Spectra printheads,
    Konica Minolta print heads, you can buy it online:
    Worldwide shipping by EMS.
    09-05-2010, 10:01 AM