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  • Photoshop 7 (Mac) - $259

    RE: P7 for Mac (academic version)

    Based on Doug's reply below, I'm pulling this.

    Though the seller is affiliated with a university and purchased it legally, but never installed it (he just got a PC + Win PS7), I did not realize he would be in violation by selling it.

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    Don't let it slip by Danny. Buy a Mac!



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      Just an FYI:

      The academic version of Photoshop should include all bound manuals. In addition, purchase from anyone but an Adobe Academic Reseller is considered piracy, as is resale to anyone that cannot provide valid student ID.

      The academic versions and retail versions of Photoshop are identical except for the package design and the splash screens, and that the academic version licenses are not transferable.

      Academic versions are fully upgradeable, and the first time you upgrade you are released from the restrictions of the academic version license.

      Details on who may sell and purchase academic versions are available here:
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        Hmmmm - I was told that you couldn't "upgrade" an academic version to a full version. I'll have to check into that again.



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          Functionally an academic version is normally equivalent to a non-academic version except package labeling, splash screen, special pricing and licencing and (now I know, too) reselling restrictions. An academic version can be upgraded just like an non-academic versions can.

          Depending on company an academic version may not come with the same manuals and/or reference materials, and/or extra "goodie files," etc. as a standard version. (I was in error with my initial post: PS academic comes with hard copy materials; Corel Draw-10 academic, for example, did not.)



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            The information I was given was that if you only purchase the upgrade, you must have an existing previous full version on your computer. They said that the serial number for an academic version did not qualify and the upgrade wouldn't install.



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              All I can tell you is PS4 academic upgraded spendidly to PS7.

              Here's an FAQ post at There are others verifying that one may upgrade as well:


              Differences between Educational and Retail versions
              LenHewitt - 01:19am Feb 19, 2001 Pacific


              What are the Differences between the Educational and Retail Versions
              of Photoshop?


              1). There is NO limitation on use of the Educational Version, only on
              aquisition of it in that you must meet the educational requirements to
              qualify for purchase.

              2. There is NO functional difference between the Educational and
              Commercial versions,

              3), The Educational version will always show the Academic splash
              screen even if you later use it to upgrade to a full Commercial

              4). Educational versions of Adobe software do not always ship with the
              'free goodies' such as fonts and clip-art that the full commercial
              versions include.

              Waes Haeil!

              (posted from the UK)

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                Academic PS5 upgraded to 6 with no problems. The upgrade works with a regular or academic version.


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                  Looks like part of the advice you got was correct. To apply an upgrade one must have the base product installed (standard or academic version).

                  The part about academic version not qualifying is not accurate.

                  I hope you didn't get this 50%-50% advice from someone at Adobe. Did you?



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                    Thank you for the information - that is good to know. I guess the guy at MacWarehouse was just trying to sell me the full version.

                    I've been putting off upgrading to 7 because of the price. I might consider it now.



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                      Could be the MacWarehouse guy was misinformed, too. Who knows?

                      Earlier this summer was offering a $50 rebate for PS7 upgrades ($89 + s/h), but I see it's no longer being offered. Heavy sigh.

                      I just checked eBay: Lots of PS7 Mac upgrades for sale, but most auctions have been closing for almost as much (or more than) the $139 Amazon price, so no big discounts on eBay. CNET price search neted about the same; best prices around $140 (inc. s/h).

                      As you said (in effect) at least it's now an option for you to consider. If you're not in a huge hurry, prices will probably come down somewhat ($10-$15 or so) over the next six months.


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                        I was very interested when i read about the student pricing here, so i went to to check it out. I found an educational software retailer here in canada that i can get adobe software from(ImageMedia) and right now they have a special on, so i can get the Adobe design collection (Photoshop 7.0 , Illustrator 10, InDesign 2, Acrobat 5) plus GoLive 6, and Livemotion 2 for a $500 Cdn ($315 US) + shipping! I'm really excited, since I really want to learn all of those programs (especially Photoshop of course), but I'm a student so I can't make much money. I'm glad to hear that there's no limitations on the software because I eventually want to make money from doing photo retouching / restoration and I didn't know if there was restrictions on its usage. thanks for posting this thread, Danny and everybody else, without it I wouldnt have heard about the student pricing.

                        - David
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                          hey guys, I got a question.. what's the difference between the Photoshop 7.0 academic version and 7.0 Full version?

                          Thanks for the help!


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                            Welcome aboard. If you'll read the rest of the thread, you'll find the answer to your question.



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                              Originally posted by k20importtuner
                              hey guys, I got a question.. what's the difference between the Photoshop 7.0 academic version and 7.0 Full version?

                              Thanks for the help!
                              ...but if you don't have time to plow through all this, the fairly short answer is:
                              * Licensing considerations (cant' legally resell it)
                              * Qualification considerations (teacher, student, etc.)
                              * Packaging (Not sure, but it may not have a hard copy manual included, but it will have .PDF equivalent.)
                              * Startup screen: It says "Academic version"

                              ...but functionally: Same program through and through and can be upgraded to future versions w/o problem.

                              Let me add my welcome, too.



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