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  • For Sale: Photo Retouching & Restoration Website


    I've recently returned to college in order to obtain a degree in VFX and animation, and pursue a career change in that direction. Out of necessity, I'm selling my established, high ranking, photo retouching and restoration business. This sale will include the URL, original custom-designed website and graphics, scripts and photo gallery applets, the popular trademark name and my entire client base.

    This is a unique opportunity for a serious photographer/artist who is looking to break into the industry with a huge head start to the top, instead of being forced to begin slowly at the bottom.

    -The website has been around for almost two years, and is an updated extension to another art related business website that has been in existence since 1999.

    - Costs to maintain the website have been carefully optimized over the past several months to be very efficient. As of right now, the total monthly monetary cost to maintain the large/high speed server space is only $9.99. It would only take 1-2 persons to operate this business profitably. Yet there is ample room for expansion for several individuals (or contracted laborers). I receive a steady flow of emails from photographers and photo retouchers requesting partnerships and/or employment.

    - Total 2008 profits, after expenses, is $7000 (average). I have been intentionally limiting the amount of marketing and number of sales in order to be able to have enough time to perform both my business and my time consuming classes in college (I am enrolled as a full-time student). My lack of time is the main factor holding my business back from pulling in even more money each year and the main reason why I'm selling it. My website is already on the first page of most major search engines. Each time I begin to advertise, I end up with so many new customers that I can barely handle the work alone!

    - Since my initial business provided web development services, I am an experienced web designer. As a result, my website is completely original, and custom designed by me, including an advanced Flash based photo gallery, page scripting, images and graphics, and page layout. The site was designed to be easily customizable. Adding new entries to the galleries is as simple as making a couple quick edits and uploading the new images to the server! Therefore, with the purchase of my URL, the buyer will also receive a professional, fully functional website that will set him/her apart from your competitors. There is no reason for you to start over at the beginning.

    - I work with many professional and amateur photographers, aspiring models, and photo enthusiasts. The entire customer base will be transferred to the new owner along with ownership of the business.

    - At this time, my website has nearly 12 months left in its domain name contract. I have conveniently set things up so that it will be renewed once a year for a low price of only $6.00 - $9.00. I have kept expenses optimized to a low amount so that net profits would be as high as possible.

    - Depending upon the season and time of year (some months are more popular for photo retouching), total number of unique visitors to the website are ordinarily in the range of 1500-1900 each month, with an average monthly page view of nearly 30,000.

    - As part of the sales agreement, I am willing to negotiate for the inclusion of most of the photos in the gallery (some are personal photos that I don't have the right to sell).

    - In addition, upon negotiation, I am willing to provide (for a specified amount of time) personal help with questions about maintaining the website, configuring the pages, and operation procedures. This will leave all the guess work out of transitioning the business to the new owner, and makes the process as smooth as possible.

    If you are interested and serious about buying my business as a means to help you achieve a lucrative career in your photography and art, please contact me personally (PM) through this message board. I can only entertain serious inquiries, to which I will gladly answer questions and provide more detailed information.

    Thank you!

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    Re: For Sale: Photo Retouching & Restoration Websi

    I probably missed it, but in case I didn't, what is the domain?

    Originally posted by dondoko View Post
    I'm selling my established.....


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