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  • Retoucher required.

    Now I am not looking for a $10 an image person here. I am looking for someone that has great talent, or shows me that there is some talent there I can help them with.

    I started retouching in London in 1973. Yes, I have been at it a long time, I am still working with the top agencies and photographers around the world.

    Last year, I re-located to Toronto, and have been setting up a new studio there. This could be a great opportunity for someone. This career has been wonderful to me, and I still enjoy it to this day.

    Let me lay down some rules, before you think of applying.

    I do not suffer fools or idiots.

    You have to have a knowledge of photography and be artistic/creative.

    I do not want to see any blurring, use of the healing tools or crappy smudger type work. And I am definatley not interested in any filters.

    Can't stand laziness or sloppy work ethics.

    No, I am not interested if you want to work remotely.

    No, I will not help you with a work permit if you are from another country, you can do that yourself, as I had to.

    Don't tell me how many photoshop books or videos you have read or seen, they mean nothing, show me something that I can look at, and say "WOW".

    I have trained retouchers in the past, and they are now highly successful well paid artists.

    You have to work to very tight briefs, and follow them to a "T".

    Please do not waste my time, If you really believe you have the talent, then email me at [email protected].

    This is hard work, and long hours, and you have to do what you are told. If you feel these are hard guidelines, then this job would not be for you. We all started at the bottom and had to work our way up. You have to pay your dues, but the rewards are great.

    But, I really am a nice guy.... And I respect good retouchers and quality images.

    Drop me a line, tell me about yourself, show me what you can do, tell me what you want to do, and why you want to do it!


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