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  • Boring job - want some?

    EDIT Tuesday, January 18.

    This job currently has enough people working on it and enough others have contacted me should I require more help for the second phase of this project. Please do not email me or PM me further


    Would work especially well for someone outside of the US, but ok either way.

    I have thousands of images that I need the background knocked out and replaced with specific RGB values. A lot can be action-ed. (Some of them entirely). The files are relatively low resolution and nothing is to be done except the background replacement. The final use will be very small, so there is margin for less than perfect.

    Send me an email if you are interested. This is not 'fun' work, but if you're fast enough it can be worth your while.

    Edit Thursday, January 13, 2010

    This is a low skill level job and mind numbingly boring. You need to only be "good" enough (and conscientious) for what is required. It doesn't pay a lot, but as stated above, can be worth your time if you are able to do a lot quickly. This is filler work for many of you or a good chance to get paid, for once, for doing Photoshop work. Also, as stated, it's good for someone in a country where the US dollar is worth much more than the country of residences currency.

    Most important for me is a commitment to deliver once you've agreed to take on the project and that what I am requesting is done correctly. There isn't a need to send me samples of your work or tell me how great you are.

    Several people are helping me now, but I have plenty of images to go around. Email for all details. Thanks for looking.
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