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Junior Retoucher Available for London based studio

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  • Junior Retoucher Available for London based studio

    I am currently searching for a junior role within a London based retouching studio after completing a very successful internship at Touch Digital in Shoreditch.

    I received very positive feedback from their senior retoucher in regards to both the work I completed for them and on the techniques I used. I also have a solid academic background with a BA(Hons) Fine Art from the University for the Creative Arts where most of my work focused on manipulating digital images, video installations as well as printing onto canvas. Plus, I also have experience working as a Studio Assistant for Food & Drink Photos in London where I had the chance to be responsible for signing new photographers as well as gaining relevant experience in retouching and preparing digital images for major clients such as the BBC, The Telegraph and Garry Rhodes.

    As I had been in a sales role until the internship, I am now looking to change my career and I absolutely want to peruse retouching as a career choice but of course this is not all about me. As an employer you can expect me to put in as much effort as humanly possible, be as flexible as you need me to be and to make a damn good tea or coffee. All I need in return is knowledge, experience and that 'foot in the door'.

    Projects and before/after samples can be found at

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] in regards to any junior positions available in London.

    Kind regards
    Howard Pettit

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