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  • Looking for overflow work

    Hi All

    Just a quick post to put my interest out there for any overflow work people may have. I'm currently experiencing (hopefully temporary) a lull in my workload so I'm looking to take on extra work. I work mainly on fashion and beauty retouching, sometimes e-commerice retouching.

    My website is

    PM me if you have anything that needs fixing.


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    i'm currently updating the website.


    [email protected]
    11-16-2007, 11:30 AM
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    Hey guys, can you offer some advice? I'm not living or working in the EU/ US but I am moving to NYC in December. Should I contact retouching agencies overseas and ask them to ftp work in the time being? Thanks
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    Thanks for passing by. I am London based beauty and fashion retoucher. At the moment I am looking for fashion and beauty photographers to work with.If you are from London that is even better we can meet up and get acquaintance. Don't be discouraged if you from somewhere else most...
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