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  • Someone's dream job is hiring

    Image Editor/Technician

    Seeking Photoshop professionals with strong color correction skills to
    perform image editing in a world-class digital imaging facility. Will
    access images for National Geographic Magazine and other Society
    products via the media asset management system, and perform scratch and
    dust removal, cropping, color correction, cast removal, and other image
    processing tasks. Work with ICC profiles within an integrated color
    managed environment. Support production of final electronic layouts,
    make file format conversions, and perform other pre-press tasks such as
    trapping, silhouetting, and color breakouts. Perform image and type
    manipulation, page assembly, exact image positioning, and color editing
    to meet strict requirements of editors, Art directors, and designers.
    Carry out daily file maintenance. Maintain thorough familiarity with
    other applications such as QuarkXPress, Illustrator, and Freehand.

    For further details, please contact Tom Craig, [email protected].
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    Take responsibility for learning

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    OOOooh now *thats* what I call a dream job!!!

    - David


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      I don't suppose I could still work out of my home office...



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