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I need someone to "fix" my photo(s)

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  • I need someone to "fix" my photo(s)

    I'm applying for jobs overseas that require a "business portrait" to be submitted with the application & resume.
    I was at an event this past weekend which required the wearing of a suit & tie, and I ran into a photographer I know, and this came up in conversation, and he said, "Come out in the parking lot and I'll do it for you real quick, for free." That was good, because I'm currently unemployed and flat broke, and didn't know how I was going to afford to get these photos done.
    We went out in the parking lot, and in his trunk he had a camera and one of those big flashes on a stand with an umbrella-looking reflector thing, and he literally took three pictures, then put his stuff back in the trunk (we'd been drinking before this, because there was an open bar - like I said, I'm broke, so if all I have to do to drink as much as I want for free is to throw on a suit & tie and show up somewhere to schmooze, I can do that).
    I thanked him, and waited until today to hear from him, and then texted him asking him when I could get the photos. He said, "They've been on my website since the day after. Go ahead and download them."
    Well, I went to his website, and I don't like them at all. He's done weird things to them, and I just don't look good (my fault on that one). There are 10 "variations," and not one of them is usable as a "business portrait" that I would want a potential future employer to see as part of their first impression of me.
    I've got a couple picked out as potentially usable, but I've got a list of about a dozen things that would need to be changed.
    However, I'm pretty much retarded when it comes to any sort of photo editing software.
    I don't want to embarrass or offend the guy, so I don't want to go back to him about it, or upload the photos to this website or anywhere else where he might find out what I'm trying to do.
    The guy did something for me for free that he normally gets paid for, and I really do appreciate that. It's not his fault that I'm unhappy with the results.
    I'd rather pay someone a little bit to "fix" what I don't like about these instead of paying someone else a lot to get brand new photos made.
    If he happens to see the end result on facebook or whatever, I'll just lie and say I made the changes myself.
    Anyway, if you think you could help me out here, please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you very much.

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