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Los Angeles, CA - In need of retoucher

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  • Los Angeles, CA - In need of retoucher


    I'm growing freelance photographer in Southern California. I shoot a wide variety of styles, but mostly make my bread and butter off of fashion, eCommerce and glamour. I'm starting to generate enough work that it's hard for me to keep up with retouching (I need to spend more time marketing then behind the computer). I would like someone in the area who I can pass images too and grow with. A majority of the work is skin retouching (I would say 80% actually) and I would handle colors and most of the composting.

    This opportunity is great for a retoucher looking to pick up ana extra $100 bucks a month with minimal work.

    Please Los Angeles and surrounding areas only. I cannot use over seas due to turnaround times.

    Send replies to [email protected]

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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