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  • remove background of images

    we are a group of 12 members. we can do removing background of image with pentool and onother methods in photophop. Retouching included. deadline is the first engagement.

    contact us : [email protected] . thank you!

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    I am finding this too hard, I googled and found some companies that do this sort of thing, has anyone tried them? Is clipping path the same as deepetching. seems to be one good one, I also saw and http://www.ezyclippin...
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    I am real sorry for asking this dumb question i have done it loads of times and now i just can't remember. I took a pic of a lion on my Hols to South Africa, i want to put the lions head on my website, i need only the head i can't remember how to get rid of the background every time...
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    I believe one of the keys to a great smudge painting is the use of the background. What are some of the common techniques/tips that are used to change the background so it will better reflect the subject? Do some just repaint the background, remove it altogether and put something else there, or what...
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    Dear Pros,

    A friend of mine asked me whether I can change the background of his picture with his wife. But I found the background is too hard and complicated to remove, since it's bunch of grass, while the male is holding flower. I've tried to isolate the background with red channel which...
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