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  • Pro Retoucher Avail for Training+Coaching On-Line

    Hi, This is Ray12.

    I have been a contributing member in the forums here at RetouchPro for 9 years... and have previously done retouching tutorials in the archive area.

    I am now doing something new and exciting for me and possibly for you. I do private Photoshop Retouch Training and Coaching. I would like to be able to offer "Private Photoshop Retouch Training" to those who want to enhance their skills. The training would be by personal appointment. The training would be by live, real-time, Skype or Video GoToMeeting Webinars direct with You On-Line. We would coordinate dates and times and training agendas through e-mail here or directly.

    I could cover almost any subjects you would desire...but my specialty training is in Magazine Retouching, Commercial Beauty, Fashion, and Professional Commercial Retouching. I could train you in these areas... and I can also do training in Wedding, Travel, or Nature subjects if you like as well.

    I would usually spend 1 hour with each student on-line... and go over whatever subjects were desired. We could use your images or mine.

    For Example: I could do a two way training session with you. I could show you how Magazine Retouchers work transparently and non-destructively for maximum media effect... or maybe some Commercial or Compositing training. We would work on your images together interactively... in live real time... and you can ask questions, see every single step I do at your own pace... or I could evaluate your portfolio or watch you work on your own computer... and offer suggestions as we go along.

    This is live, on-line training, is like I was with you in the very same conference or living room together... sharing ideas and concepts face to face.

    I am available for appointment in the UK from noon GMT onward, till 11pm Eastern Time Zone in NYC, or 8pm Pacific Time in the USA and in Canada. Sessions are in English.

    The sessions are $35hr USD via secure credit or debit cards, secure invoices or by PayPal. I can also record your training sessions for $15USD hr. I can coordinate training through e-mail here... or at [email protected]

    I hope this is not spam in this Classified section...but may be relevant possibly, or useful, or valuable... to those who may want some personal help or training with a professional retoucher live at their side... to be able to see how things are done commercially step by step, or to ask questions...or to get a critique... or to receive encouragement to press on in their art with some new tools or workflows. We are glad to share everything we know with you.

    Some of my own photography work and some retouching examples and other info is available to view at my portfolio, or at www.GlamourRetouching.Com for reference.

    You may contact me here at RetouchPro. We are glad to answer questions before, during and after we meet.


    Ill post some before and after examples below. They will be lower 100k res.
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