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Richard Rosenman Freeware Photoshop Filters Update

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  • Richard Rosenman Freeware Photoshop Filters Update

    Hey gang!

    After thousands of requests and a significant overhaul, I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of my freeware plugins for Adobe Photoshop, compiled and fully working in 64 bit. Additionally, there are many new, never before seen plugins available. Please feel free to check them out and most importantly, remember they are all FREE!

    You can check out the plugins here.

    These plugins are used by artists around the world. If you are a 3D artist, 2D designer, graphic artist, illustrator, motion designer, matte painter, photographer, photo-retoucher, engineer, etc, these plugins are of interest to you.

    The next stage will involve all the commercial plugins being updated and ported to 64 bit.


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    Hey gang;

    Here is a list of plugins I have been developing and maintaining for quite some time now, all of which are free:

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    Hello Folks!
    I'm presently receiving many solicitations offering Photoshop plugins, like Alien Skin's Bookeh 2 (blur) or an Italian feature: Alce (dodge).
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    by Frogger
    I Do many Animated Sigs and Avatars, I just recently started doing a few Movie Sigs And have gotten pretty good with it, however it lags my Photoshop real bad when doing it.
    Is it possible that so many plugins are running and is it possible to disable some?
    Then if so how will I know...
    07-24-2007, 05:33 PM