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10 week Pro Retouching Course in London

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  • 10 week Pro Retouching Course in London

    Hi guys

    My name is Mikael Eliasson and i am the director of a photography school in Shoreditch, London. We have recently received a lot of queries regarding professional retouching courses in the UK. After searching high and low and coming up empty handed we decided to team up with a top London retoucher, Sinisa Savic and created what we believe is a unique course in the UK. I also noticed a few threads on here where members are looking for a course like this so figured it might be of interest to some of you.

    Our Retoucher Pro course is dealing primarily with high end fashion, beauty, portrait and advertising retouching, you will learn to achieve the highest level of fine details in your images, as well as both the colour and luminosity balance, resulting in an exceptionally finished final image.

    Taught by award winning London based retoucher Sinisa Savic you will learn from a leading industry expert. Sinisa has an impressive client list and has worked with some very high profile photographers.

    To find out more visit our website or message me for further info.

    Thanks for your time and hope some of you might find this beneficial.

    All the best

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    Re: 10 week Pro Retouching Course in London

    I would been there... if i lived in UK. Is there any possibility doing live streaming sessions? Please consider it. I´m sure a LOT of people would attend.


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      Re: 10 week Pro Retouching Course in London

      Glad to hear it Rust!

      A live stream is a good idea and we'll look in to it.

      Thanks for the comment and idea



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        Re: 10 week Pro Retouching Course in London

        Sounds great! Go for it people.


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          Re: 10 week Pro Retouching Course in London

          Thanks for comments and support!

          Out of interest what are the most important things you think a budding pro retoucher should learn?

          I know that's probably a long list but just a few bullet-points would be interesting to hear and with your help we could possibly improve our course.