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  • Workload, overload

    OK guys, I am coming in to my busy time, and I have just landed some new clients, I am overbooked from now until December. I will need some help. I don't care where you are, but you have to be really good, reliable, have a good internet connection, and be willing to work odd hours. Images will pay you around $100 per image.

    Show me your work, if I think you are up to the standard I am looking for, I will send you an image to work on, together with a brief. We will then compare it to what I have done to,see if we are compatible....

    Could be a good opportunity if you are slow at the moment.



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    There were two applicants that I asked to keep in touch with me..... Please do so, as we are now ready to interview.


    Below was the original post.
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    EDIT Tuesday, January 18.

    This job currently has enough people working on it and enough others have contacted me should I require more help for the second phase of this project. Please do not email me or PM me further


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