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New Topaz plug-in (FREE upgrade/save $30)

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  • New Topaz plug-in (FREE upgrade/save $30)

    Today (2/25), Topaz is releasing the new DeNoise 6, their top of the line noise reduction software, complete with new features. As always, the update is FREE to anyone who already owns DeNoise. And for those who don’t, DeNoise 6 will be on sale ($30 off!) from February 25th – March 20th.

    Use coupon code NOISEFREE here.

    I’ve attached before and after screenshots showing photographer and friend of Plugs ’N Pixels Judy Gilde’s ( extreme nighttime exposure, easily salvaged by DeNoise.


    Topaz DeNoise is designed to let you shoot anywhere in any light and still get crisp, clear and noise-free images. Specializing in extremely noisy high ISO images, DeNoise removes distracting image noise while preserving image detail, giving you the image you wanted without the noise you don’t. Major features introduced in Topaz DeNoise 6 include:

    •Standalone Application - DeNoise 6 now works as a standalone product and doesn’t require a host editor to work. If you prefer, it can still be used as a plug-in through Photoshop, Lightroom and other supported host programs.

    •Camera Specific Presets - DeNoise 6 introduces dozens of presets based on various camera profiles, with multiple ISO presets for each camera.

    •Batch Processing (in standalone mode only) - DeNoise 6 introduces batch processing, allowing you to process a whole folder of images at once. That means no more need for Photoshop actions! Note that batch processing is only available in the standalone version, not the plug-in version.

    •Support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10

    Take advantage!
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