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  • Photography Books ... you pay shipping!

    8 Books all in used but good condition. Some spiral bound to lay flat.

    You pay the shipping for USPS 1st class flat rate box.

    $20 by PayPal.

    Yes, all are old but still have good tips and tricks.

    Restoration Retouching Katrin Eismann (450pg 2006)
    Masking Compositing Katrin Eismann (520pg 2005)
    Photoshop Tricks Corey Baker (350pg 2012)
    Photoshop CS2 Tips (240pg 2006)
    Photoshop Elements Lightning Tips (200pg 2007)
    Nature Photo Jim Miotke (220pg 2007)
    Digital Photo 1 & 2 Scott Kelby (200pg 2007 - 215pg 2008)
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