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    Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a 19-year-old (almost 20 *gasp*, I feel so
    old!) guy still living at home (moving out in a month or two) - I currently
    do web development for a real estate agency, and used to do some English
    tutoring to Koreans here, until they moved back to Korea (was I THAT bad?).

    I've recently started doing some photo restoration, but have only managed to
    do 2 paying clients so far, as I have real trouble getting my name out.
    Seeing that I will be on my own in a month or two, I'm forced to make more
    money than I currently am (pocket change!).

    This is what I'm proposing. If you have more work than you can handle, or
    want to take some of the load off yourself, I could do the photo restoration
    for you, you give me 60% (negotiable) and you keep the rest. I email you the
    finished result (I'll email you a link to a server where I put it on) or you
    could just refer them to me entirely and I could give you 10%.

    I've attached my latest photo restoration project - it took me two days, but
    I worked on and off throughout. It took a while because of the beads on the
    necklass for colorizing, and I took out a LOT of junk..

    I really, really, really love this, and wish I could do it for a living. As
    previously mentioned, I'm dead broke, and would love to get started into
    this professionally.

    Please email me if you are interested! Thanks!

    Tyler Cruz
    [email protected]

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    Sorry about that, they are there now.


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      i think u also sent me an email .

      Ahhh Work --- Sorry cant help you with that .

      I dunno what it is, but this year the WHOLE market is real slow. Most of the time we had 2-3 jobs a week frm labs we do work for but these days its relle bad.

      anywayz wish ya luck.