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ON1 releases Photo RAW 2018.5 – launch special

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  • nebgranny
    Raw / Jpg
    by nebgranny
    Good Day Everyone:
    I am still confused about Raw verses JPG.
    I just opened the files which are on my camera card. I had the camera set for shooting both RAW and JPG. I opened them within the software that came with my camera, Digital Photo Professional. I for the first time noticed the...
    07-22-2008, 02:08 PM
  • Bruce Watson
    RAW plugin for Elements 2?
    by Bruce Watson
    Is there any plugin available to allow PSE to work directly with Canon RAW files?

    In my google search, it appears that Adobe used to sell such a beast, although it was for PS 7, it would work with Elements.

    However, it is no longer available on the Adobe site. Any alternatives...
    08-15-2004, 11:08 AM
  • dejvid
    Beginning question on proper conversion procedure
    by dejvid
    Question may sound silly but what is usual retouching practice (if shooting in RAW) and retouch in LR + PS:

    1. Open RAW in LR, adjust image globally, export to JPEG, open in PS and continue locally (skin, D/B, sharpening etc.)

    2. Open RAW in LR, adjust image globally, open...
    12-13-2012, 05:56 AM
  • Ioan
    Raw for practice
    by Ioan
    Hi guys. I'm new on this forum.
    I have some pics that I did some time ago that I would like to have them post-produced. For now only in TFP.

    Anyone wants to do some retouching for practice?

    You can find something here
    02-15-2015, 11:56 AM
  • Doug Nelson
    Adobe Camera Raw Colorblind Preset
    by Doug Nelson
    I'm looking for ACR presets that replicate how the various types of colorblindness see the world.

    Has anyone ever seen such a thing, or if you know about this condition can you make them and attach here (zip them up first)?

    It's estimated 10% of the entire male population...
    08-11-2008, 12:14 PM