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  • 15 yr old custom site for sale

    Hello all,

    I started Retouchables in 2003, and did not want to part with it because my mom (who passed away a few years ago) helped me originally create it. However, the truth is, I am just not using it. I do all my retouching work under my own name. It was named initially as a plan on The Untouchables (show and movie). But either way it's a really catchy, brandable domain. I've gotten many compliments on it over the years. I recently re-designed it from the ground up. It is built on Wordpress, it uses a visual builder so it's very easy for even a non-design person to customize. You are free to keep what's there or redo the whole thing.

    You may view the site here:

    I am asking $280 for it, just to recoup a bit of the work I've put into it. I could get more if I really put in the effort but at this point I really just want to part ways with it and see it go to someone who will really make it their own.

    So if you are a photo editor but don't yet have your own site, this may be be the one!

    Please email me at [email protected] if interested, or respond here.


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