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  • Affordable Photo Retouching Services

    Our experienced photo editors apply photo retouching techniques mainly to make images ready for final display. The photo retouching process includes localized photo editing techniques that are primarily directed to remove imperfections from images. Once our editor complete the color correction, cropping, and white balance adjustment processes, they would now complete the editing process with the final touch-up procedures that are mainly directed to remove impurities, which would otherwise spoil the overall appeal of an image.

    Our photo retouching services include

    Portrait Photo Retouching: Professional retouching assistance can make portraits appear flawless. Three important aspects of our photo retouching services include blemish masking, skin smoothing, and teeth whitening. We may also apply specialized retouching techniques so as to enhance the appearance of the model’s body or to change the hair color. In addition, we can apply specific retouching techniques based on the unique requirements of our clients.

    E-commerce Product Photo Retouching: Our experienced image editors are adept at the use of advanced Photoshop tools and can smoothly remove imperfections from product images. We can flawlessly repair the appearance of a damaged box and can remove fingerprints from images. We can even add highlights so as to add more detailing. Our product photo retouching services include:
    • Apparel Photo Retouching: We can efficiently perform diverse image retouching techniques such as contrast adjustment, color correction, image clipping, and background removal so as to bestow a professional look to apparel images.
    • Furniture Photo Retouching: We can perform necessary adjustments so as to highlight furniture-features in greater detail while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of images.
    • Jewelry Photo Retouching: We perform deep etching so as to highlight jewelry details and to improve product appeal. We also perform color correction so as to portray jewelry images in a flawless manner.

    Real Estate Photo Retouching: We help real estate developers, architects, and interior developers by delivering professionally-retouched versions of real estate images that they can use to market their projects to prospective clients.

    Wedding Photo Retouching: We assist wedding photographers with custom photo retouching assistance. We can use Photoshop and Lightroom to create custom effects that would add an enriching touch to wedding pictures.

    Food Photo Retouching: We help online food delivery services and restaurants with professional photo retouching assistance to enhance print media as well as web media images that are used as part of food menus or online listings.

    At PGBS, we are proficient in using diverse software for photo retouching. We have championed the art of using multiple filters and tools, such as liquefy, which can be used to reshape a model or an object. We can perform different levels of retouching based on project requirements. For example, we would call it a basic retouching support if we are required to erase scratches or imperfections. On the other hand, we would consider it to be a complex project if we are required to highlight detailing in jewelry pieces, add shine to gold or silver, or add texture to leather, or eliminate glare.

    Do you have a requirement? Do write to us by accessing our Contact Us page. We would be happy to help you.
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