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Continuous Ink System (CIS) for most of Epson printer

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  • Continuous Ink System (CIS) for most of Epson printer

    Dear all,

    Here is a very good source for bulk ink system.

    They are currently running big promotion for some models:
    (Free 600ml or 300ml inks)

    For Epson 2200 or 960 models, you can also purchase a very decent ink kit from

    My suggestion for CIS kit is to buy a system that is not using sponge nor re-used cartridge. Those are out of date tech, but they are cheap. However, drilled-hole kit cannot do anything good for you, it's actually very troublesome.

    I guess did a very good job on CIS area.

    Just FYI-

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    Question about's CIS

    Have you tried out their R800 system?
    Any idea?

    I have heard that many people bought from and pretty happy with their service and i-INK (brand name of their cis).

    I just want to make sure if their R800 sytem works well?

    I did try a system that I bought from ebay. Pretty messy and keep leaking. I cant even print anything correct.

    If spongeless system does work, I would like to see more experience or review before placing an order.


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      I have 5 R800's and have purchased 2 different CIS systems for them, one off ebay the system currently offered by jlwsales, after using it for awhile I lost flow of the yellow ink and could not restart it.
      I have also used the inkrepublic system and now own 3 of them. It is a good system, but . . . you need to be careful when installing the cartridges, they are smaller than the slots which gives wiggle room and the nozzles you mount them on can be broken (I broke one on one printer). If you print a lot of pages you need to clean the ink out of the sponges on either end of the print head run (bottom to either side of where the print head moves L-R and back) and also the chips do not reset to full each time you turn off / on the printer. It only resets those that are low or empty. This becomes a pain in the neck as I am printing 110 copies of each page on my current project.


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        Check here:; you will find CIS for epson and Canon, amazing price and high quality.


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          I have been using InkRepublic's R1800/R800 CIS for several months.
          Excellent performance and excellent customer service.

          My suggestion to CIS buyers is:

          1. Dont buy cheap one.
          2. Make sure you can get spongeless CIS rather than sponged CIS.
          3. Do not buy ink tank or nice looking ink bottles from China or made in china.
          they actually create more problem. I bought those good looking or consistent pressure ink bottle from Ebay, their system almost killed my R1800. Ink leak out from the bottom few weeks later, and there is no flow control in those Chinese spongeless carts.

          But you get what you pay for. If you want a temporary solution, you can try Ebay's, but if you want premium product, InkRepublic has very good one.

          by the way, I dont suggest echostore's CIS, they are same as Ebay's, and you can even get cheaper from Ebay, though you take great risk for your printer and eventually you just waste more money on those cheap crap....

          If you want to use's system, read their reviews and testimonials first and get more information from them:


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            I noticed 100% of your posts so far recommend this company. Do you work for them?
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              np, just told you all about my experience.
              you also can find these information on ebay or the Internet.


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                Epson R2400 Continuous Inking System from ?

                I am highly interested in such system, I have been reading many positive articles about InkRepublic's R1800, R800, 1280 CIS, CFS, how about their R2400?

                I know InkRepublic is the only R2400 and R1800 CIS provider, and epson R2400 is very "fresh" to this market, I need to know if does have great solution for it.


                Another interesting thing is their "re-usable" part, how could they do that?
                I dont quite understand this part...

                any information is welcome!

                thanks in advance!


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                  I purchased a continuous ink system for my HP K550 from . It is fantastic, I install it without any problems(several mins). To be honest, I doubted whether this website's products are ok or not, so I hesitated for several days before I made my first purchase. Now I bought several continuous ink system from them, for my printer Epson 1280, R200, C88. By the way, their systems for Epson and HP are spongless, Not sure whether Canon systems are spongeless(I do not have Canon printers). So far they are great. I print a lot. Every week I have to use more than half gallon for each colors. Fortunately their ink meet my requirements. These systems save much money for me. The continuous ink system is an great idea.


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                    Continuous Ink System for Epson, Canon, HP Printers: Which one works best?

                    I have been using a continuous ink system purchased from eBay for over a year with absolutely no problems for my Epson R1800 and R2400. I have also been searching for the best one on the net but they are look the same but with different names.

                    It looked quite simple when I got with tubes attached to empty cartridges and tanks. How different would it be from one manufacturer to the next and is it worth paying $200 for one (often empty) when I can get it for under $80 on eBay already with ink? If you properly install it and take care of your printer well such as turning it off when not in use, the system will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year.

                    All printer manufacturers make most of their money off of selling you their expensive cartridges so it is in their best interest and the interest of websites selling the manfucturer's printing supplies to bad mouth products that will block their profits. Beware of bias forums set up by such websites. There are many of them all over the internet.

                    The best thing to do is to look for actual buyers of these systems on eBay and read their comments. I have also seen posts on forums from what looks like the ink system manufacturer's themselves self praising their own products and pretending to be actual customers.

                    eBay members are real and ordinary people who have no bias. Printers are so cheap now but the cartridges have remain very expensive for obvious reasons (making money and breaking the backs of hard working individuals). My system came with a 60 day money back return policy but I had it for over a year and have seen no problems. The bulk ink is very cheap at only $25 to fill all 8 of my colors with 100 ml each or 8x100 ml of ink. 800 ml of ink is about 80 cartridges that I would have had to purchase from Epson if I did not have this system. Each Epson cartridge is around $14 so you do the math ($14 X 80) and find out how much I saved for $25. When purchasing a system just make sure you buy it from a seller with a reputable feedback.


                    Menomonee Falls, WI


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                      Continuous Ink System with a 30 Day Free Trial and Printer Protection Policy: Hmmm?

                      You may want to try They offer a 30 day free trial and their ink is made in the USA. Not imported they say. They also provide a printer protection program where if their product damages your printer in any way, they will pay for the cost of replacing the printer.



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                        My 1st CIS for my Epson Printers

                        Hey All,

                        I have 2 Epson R200 Printers. They are mainly used to print directly on CDs and DVDs. I also print full pages images from time to time. I find myself printing a ton of CDs and DVDs for my clients. I can only wish to have one of those automatic printer systems where it loads the CD/DVD for you and prints... I also do restoration work when ever I can. Anyway, after doing some research I've come across several different types of CIS Systems such as: InkRepublic, Echo Store,...

                        I've decided to go with the model from Echo Store. I purchased the appropraite one for my printer and their pigment ink. It came to about $120 with shipping. I should get it in the next few days. On Ebay I saw an image that looked just like the one I purchased. I would only of saved a few dollars. I just didn't want to take the chance. I figured if the CIS didn't work or if the Ink was crap I could complain to 1 place which makes life just a little easier for me.

                        I will try and keep you up to date with my thoughts on this product. It is my very 1st CIS system. I will tell you about the installation and how long it took and most importantly how well it works. (Crossing Fingers) I truly can only hope the system works how it is supposed to without leaking or clogging or any other issues. If the print quality is not to my liking I hope to find a better ink supplier so I can refill when I'm out. I've been using Generic Ink Cartridges but am just tired of constantly replacing the damn things.

                        If anyone has any suggestions on who I should try when it comes to replace my Ink I would greatly appreciate it.

                        Well I guess that's my 2 cents and hopefully I will have good things to say when I return with an update.

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                          Update on My New CIS

                          Hi All,

                          The Echo Store CIS package came today. I just finished installing it. Took me about 10-15minutes. I had to download the directions off their website. It was pretty easy. It was all pre-assembled. Before installing I used the last of my Epson OEM ink to print a photograph. Which is listed below to compare.

                          Anyway, after I finished installing the device I did a nozzle check. There were only 1 or 2 spots blank. So I did a head clean. The 2-3 of the colors had air in the tubes. Once I started the head clean process that got rid of the air in the tubes. I did another nozzle check and that came out fine.

                          I printed the same photograph using the echo store ink. The pictures are listed below. These were printed on premium glossy paper using the color quality of "Photo". My epson r200 has 5 color quality settings. In the 1st attempt the picture came out slightly lighter than the Epson OEM Ink. The 2nd attempt I changed the color quality to "Best Photo" and there were only a minor difference. The 3rd attempt I went into photoshop and changed the Level to a very slight darker image. I printed using the "Photo" quality setting and that came out great. The Epson OEM Ink does have a very slight shinner look to it. Only noticeable to a trained eye so for my clients these will be great.

                          Picture on the LEFT is using the Echo Store Ink and the picture on the RIGHT is Epson's OEM Ink.

                          I'll let you know how things go in the future. I'd still like to try a different ink supplier just in case. At the momeny I am happy.
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                            Epson 4800


                            Does anyone know if a CIS exists for an Epson 4800?



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                              Re: Continuous Ink System (CIS) for most of Epson printer

                              I have an Epson 3000 (large format, 17 x 22 sheets) which has been customized by my printer tech guy for Continuous Ink System. Whichever company I chose to buy the ink system from was not the only issue for me. Non OEM brand inks caused the printer to clog more often, which meant a lot of purging. So much purging caused the pads below to fill up, then overflow into the bottom of the printer, then onto my counter top. With my printer, purge as many times as you need to, waste comes out of the bottom into a tray for easy dumping. No more pads inside that overflow inside the printer. $500.00 firm with some paper, ink, original manuals, disks etc.


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