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  • Do you need your images retouched?

    Hello, My name is Alice Marie.

    I am a recently retired fashion/glamour model who currently does image retouching for photographers, models, and clients. I have been told that my two strongest areas of retouching are beauty work and glamour. I am very precise and accurate when it comes to my work. I have been retouching for about 5 years now.

    If you are interested, please email me with any questions you might have. Once I know what job you need me to do, I can quote you a price.

    You can see some of my examples here:

    Retouch Work

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    Nice work, Alice! You'd be a great asset here if you would share some of your techniques. We all have room to learn and grow and we do share our ideas here.

    Welcome aboard!


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      The images on your site are too small to make anything other than a very superficial judgement of your work.

      Seems OK, but IMO, customers would need to see better resolution images before deciding whether to use you or not.


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        This is why..............

        I have this statement on my site:

        If you are a model, photographer, or client and you need help with image retouching, please let me know! I am having a special on image retouching. Send me no more than two images you need retouched. I will retouch them free of charge, for the purpose of letting me use them in my portfolio of examples. If you are a model sending me images, please make sure you get the approval from the photographer first. Click image to see examples of my work.

        I let individuals see what I can do on their images and not just what I can do to other peoples images.

        I have had them larger on my site, them I had found people stealing them left and right. I do what I can to also cover the clients work which is on my site.


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          Hi Alice Marie! Welcome aboard! I'm strictly an amateur and I "think" your retouching looks good although it is difficult to tell. Have you tried a larger image with a Copyright Watermark across the pic to prevent pilfering?




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            Hi Alice Marie,

            I appreciate the difficulties of image theft, but its still necessary to display your images so that drive by customers can make a snap decision.

            Many will not take time to peruse all of your website, or read notices. They want to see what you can do straight away, so it's necessary to make an instant impact. To catch their attention. Larger images will best display your talent, and help them to that decision.

            I know, its a problem. As Dave says, you could try watermarking your images, to make theft a little more difficult, or placing some other type of marking, which makes your images less likely to be stolen whilst still enabling your true talent to be seen.

            Good luck with your enterprise in any case.


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              Originally posted by Gary Richardson
              The images on your site are too small to make anything other than a very superficial judgement of your work.

              Seems OK, but IMO, customers would need to see better resolution images before deciding whether to use you or not.
              If you click on the smaller images, they open in another page with a larger image - could be that you have pop-ups blocked if it doesn't work for you?

              Alice Marie - your work is very nice - but maybe you're advertising to the wrong people here. We're all either retouchers ourselves (I'm not but many are) or are in the process of learning. It's not likely that we will be hiring anyone to do work for us.

              Having said that, I'd like to welcome you to RetouchPro, and hope you'll stick around and share some of your secrets with us. I for one won't be competing with you any time soon no matter how much of your wisdom you share with me

              Take care, Margaret


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                Hello Margaret,

                I got the larger images, but they're not really big enough to see fine detail. If I was wanting say, to look at the quality of the skin, re loss of texture, then I wouldn't be able to judge from the images posted, and for a beauty re-touch, this is surely one of the fundamental requirements.

                As I say, you can only make a superficial judgement.
                Last edited by Gary Richardson; 06-24-2005, 10:17 AM.


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                  welcome, alice marie

                  very nice work on your site!

                  one thing you might wish to try to cut down on image theft is, disable right clicking on your site, at least where the images are. a number of sites have gone to this. you can still 'steal' the images with a screen capture, but a lot of folks wont take the time to go through that process. the very nature of the web and browsers makes it impossible to completely avoid or prevent theft of this kind. so, like some of the others have mentioned, a watermark or id of some sort splattered across the image allows folks to see your work, but renders it undesirable for theft. sorry, i'm not a web coder, so i dont know the exact code to do these things, but i'm sure it can be found out rather simply.

                  i also know there are registered watermark companies you can subscribe to, but i dont know a lot about these.



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                    Kraellin is right about the difficulties of the web to prevent theft of images. I think your best option is to watermark your images. As far as I concern, the option to disable the right clicking depends on Java scripts, so turning off the java feature of the browser will enable the right click option to save the images.


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                      You might want to feature some before/after shots. Sometimes it is difficult to judge or "clock" the work that has been done. This is especially true of modeling photos. I have many clients that don't want the retouching to show so I find it useful to do my before/afters demonstrating my abilities. Granted I'm so very behind on updating my site.


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                        If you want to protect your pictures, you could embed them in a Flash document or store them in a PDF portfolio on your web page.


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