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  • Father's Pictures

    40 years ago my father took many pictures of historical homes and buildings in our county. Many now on a register of sorts at the historical society. He used to give slide presentations at times to grade school classes so show the old architecture and style of building the old brick homes in the 1700's. My father was not a professional photographer and just did this as a hobby. Since his death my mother gave me all his slides including the ones mentioned above of the old houses. After seeing the slides and how great a job he did I have decided to print these slides and possibly use a program to make them look painted. Then frame them and sell them at shops in the area. Am I violating any copyright laws. Please comment.


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    Re: Father's Pictures

    See this link here at RTP. When you follow it, you most likely will get your answers.

    Good Luck,



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      Re: Father's Pictures

      Slightly off topic, but I think you might consider offering a choice - a copy of the original, as well as your painted version. I know I would prefer to see the actual historical photo.


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        Re: Father's Pictures

        Regarding copyright

        Stanford University has a great website entitled "Copyright & Fair Use". From that website comes this information regarding the use of "property releases".


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