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  • Site found breaching copyrights

    Not sure how many of you guys publish your photos/art on the net and/or on stock sites, but this link may be worth a check through.
    I've just found my photos being offered as downloadable wallpapers without my permission. They were ripped off the sxc site by the owner of, and he has now been sent a legal notice requesting they be removed. He will also be receiving a bill for the 622 unauthorised reproductions he has made of my photo to date

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    Re: Site found breaching copyrights

    And here is another site that is also taking images without permission from sxc.
    I found one of mine on this page:
    and this one


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      Re: Site found breaching copyrights

      go get 'em.


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        Re: Site found breaching copyrights

        What the Duck is an online comic strip. Viewers are welcome to link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.

        Good luck, Chris!
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          Re: Site found breaching copyrights

          I love "What the Duck" CJ.

          Chris, good luck dealing with these thieves.


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            Re: Site found breaching copyrights

            Originally posted by chrishoggy View Post
            And here is another site that is also taking images without permission from sxc.

            I saw one here that I haven't seen in years! It's amazing that some people think that they'd get away with this.


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