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    As I get more involved (oh, and better) at photo retouching, I would like to start gathering samples of what I'm doing to create both a portfolio as well as a website (down the road).

    Does anyone here have a good, yet simple release form that I can give out to people so that I can "use" their images (in the work I've done) as my samples?

    I've got a friend who went to Italy, came back with a nice picture of themselves in front of the Trevi (spelling???) fountain, but, as anyone knows...getting just THEM in the picture was next to impossible, well, until Jeffrey (ME) came along with his magic Photoshop tools. Anyhow, I want to use a "before & after" as a sample, they have agreed, but I want to get a signed form on file, (as I do with any others I work with).

    Anyhow, I've rambled enough.

    Thanks in advance


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    Here's the text of the form I use.
    My logo is at the top, and my company name replaces the "XXXX"
    I insert both the "before" and "after" photos (simple, small, and grayscale) at the bottom of the page.


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      Vikki, there is no link in your post.



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          Thanks Vikki.


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