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    Hey Guys

    I've been freelancing for a while, more recently ive been doing a fair bit of onsite work at retouching studios. However ive just been approached to by a digital agency to do some work for a big client, but they have asked if I have Pro indemnity insurance. Does anyone have general advice and experience on this? Is this really necessary and if so, how would you assess the limit of liability cover? the figure on most insurers websites are a bit scary, so im weary of doing it correctly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Professional Indemnity Insurance UK

    Check out both Direct Line's Office/Surgery insurance and Professional Insurance. Not specific to our business but it covers the ground. I've never had to claim so can't say how good it is but it does set you apart from those that don't have it! Like all insurance it seems like a waste of money until you need it


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      Re: Professional Indemnity Insurance UK

      ok thanks, im just going to get some quotes for the professional indemnity for now as I need this urgently. I still dont understand the 'limit of liability' cover though, how are we meant to gauge how much we can potentially be sued for without knowing how much the client is receiving for the project? Completely a stab in the dark when the listed cover ranges from 50,000 to 5,000,000!!


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