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    My question is about using photo's I find on the web and recreating them with filter programs that are sold by companies.
    I create the photo's into a Sketch, Oil Paint, and other Efx.

    I only use them for creating interesting effects & honing my skills with Photoshop & their programs. I am not claiming them as my own, nor do I sell or redistribute them in any way…strictly for personal creative reason's.

    I only display them in the Forum Gallery page to show the results of using their program that I used. Is this copyright infringement? If I know where I got the image from, then I add a credit where it came from.

    Does the photographer or site have to be notified before I use these images, being I'm just ONLY using them in this manner?

    Can anyone suggest any photo sites that are free and you don't have to pay subscription pricing and are copyright free.
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    Re: Photo Usage

    Hi cre8art,

    IANAL but here are my immediate thoughts:

    1) I would feel free to edit all the photos you find for your own edification on your own computer but let it stop there – don't repost them. On various different levels it's not cool (at best) or illegal (at worst). Some exceptions might be on a forum such as this when someone is asking for retouching help, and you post your version of it.

    2) It's really easy to go out and shoot your own photos, especially ones you intend to artsitize. Almost any photo can be turned into art, and surely you live near some nature or flowers or street scenes ;-)

    3) Google the question about free photo sites and you should find the answer quickly.


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      Re: Photo Usage

      Thanks for the answer.
      Your advise is well taken, and yes I do use my own images as well.

      And thanks for the Google tip.


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        Re: Photo Usage

        Besides Google and You Tube (and RetouchPRO of course), what else does the world need? ;-)


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          Re: Photo Usage

          How to filter Google image searches by usage rights


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            Re: Photo Usage

            Originally posted by plugsnpixels View Post
            Besides Google and You Tube (and RetouchPRO of course), what else does the world need? ;-)
            Totally Agree… but I would throw in listening to music while I create as well, nothing else matters when I'm in my zone, it's my happy private space


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              Re: Photo Usage

              A BIG THANKS to OlBaldy for this Google link!

              Much appreciated, just the info I was looking for!

              Thanks again.


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