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Using photos off of google for job application

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  • Using photos off of google for job application

    I have no professional retouch experiene but I have been doing freelance illustration and graphic design for a few years. I have some experience working with photos in concept art for computer games. I'm going to apply for a retouch position at a furniture company and I need to create some pieces for my portfolio. Now, even though using a photo without permission might technically not be legal, how much does potential employers honestly care? It's about showing my skills as a retoucher after all, not in photography. In the concept art field my experience is that people don't give a hoot as long as you have the skills. My impression is that it is a much more delicate issue in retouch - my best guess is that it's because many retouch artists are photographer aswell and you tend to look after your own kin.
    It's hard to find good quality images on the free image sites unfortunately. Input appreciated!

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    Re: Using photos off of google for job application

    Using google image search, click on "Search Tools". There you can tell it to only search images that are labeled for reuse with modification. Even then you might need to give credit to the photographer.

    But if I was an employer, seeing you credit the photographer would impress me. And not being able to answer "who was the photographer" might cost you the interview.

    If your work is good enough to get you a job, don't blow it by hinting at lack of character.
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      Re: Using photos off of google for job application

      Thanks, that's a feature I've missed completely.


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        Re: Using photos off of google for job application

        It's so easy to take your own shots these days, especially of furniture (it's everywhere). No need to walk into the minefield of internet photo legality and ethics.


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          Re: Using photos off of google for job application

          Good point p&p.


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