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  • Freelance Contracts?

    Hello all!

    I'm in the process of starting my freelance career and want to get a contract drawn up to give to each of my future clients.

    Do you have any contracts you use? If so, are there any resources (websites, apps, etc) that you'd recommend I check out?

    Is there anything else I should look out for in your experience working with clients? I'm wanting to learn all I can before officially working with clients.

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    Re: Freelance Contracts?

    I think you are asking your question in the wrong place. If I am sick, I do not go to my car mechanic for advice and if my car is sick I do not go take it to my doctor.

    Getting legal advice from retoucher's and photographers is risky to say the least.

    You need to talk to an attorney IN YOUR COMMUNITY who is familiar with all the rules and laws that apply there. Such things vary from state to state. Sometimes a few dollars spent on prevention will save you a lot of dollars and problems down the road.

    Good luck


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      Re: Freelance Contracts?

      I would agree with Mike. If you want something that is enforceable where you conduct business, consult a lawyer. Generic contracts are not that helpful. I'll add that you're unlikely to ever sue someone. It typically isn't worth the cost, and even a well written contract may not ensure that you can avoid this. Other methods of debt collection such as liens also tend to be costly and time consuming.


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        Re: Freelance Contracts?

        Firstly, cover the terms in your quotation. If it's too windy no one will read it so keep it short and relevant. You are not Ford outsourcing engine parts so keep it simple.
        More importantly, I would make sure you receive a purchase order/requisition from clients. This should at least have a brief description of the job, P/O number, delivery date, cost and a contact name. P/O's, especially from large companies, often come with their own stipulations anyway which could negate anything in your contract. After 20 years of retouching I have not come close to litigation and even if I had had good cause would have weighed up the potential legal costs against the loss of a few hours of my time.


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          Re: Freelance Contracts?

          Thank you for the feedback, everyone!

          As I said earlier, I'm just starting and want to make sure everything is done correctly from the start.


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            Re: Freelance Contracts?

            I think you did a good thing. Get advice in as many places as you can. Amazing how rude people can be. Good luck!


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              Re: Freelance Contracts?

              I appreciate that, jakefukk!


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                Re: Freelance Contracts?

                Originally posted by JakeFukk View Post
                I think you did a good thing. Get advice in as many places as you can. Amazing how rude people can be. Good luck!
                Don't mistake advised caution for rudeness. There's a lot of bad information on the internet. As I said before though, contracts don't offer a lot of protection.


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